Do You Have A Blocked Root Chakra?


The root chakra deals with the feelings of security, stability, and the feeling that you are grounded no matter what situation you’re in. If your root chakra is blocked or under active, you probably feel very nervous, full of anxiety, and fearful. Moreover, you tend to feel very materialistic wanting more and being very resistant to changes around you, if this chakra is overactive. The bottom line is that you want your chakras to be in complete balance with one another not overactive or under active.

If you have symptoms of a blocked root chakra, there are ways in which you can unblock and allow the energy to flow freely. The root chakra deals with feelings of being grounded, therefore, you can use exercises in order to help strengthen the connection to the earth for the feeling of being grounded. By engaging in simple exercises you can help to unblock the root chakra.

First, relax as you stand straight your feet should be apart as much as your shoulders are, and your knees just slightly bent, and your palms should lean forward. Keep your body balanced so that the weight on your feet is distributed evenly, stay in this position for a few minutes.

Moreover, you can open the root chakra by touching the tips of your index finger to your thumb, and then concentrating on the root chakra which is just between the anus and the genitals; at this point you would chant LAM.

By doing a few simple exercises, you can have your chakras flowing in a more balanced way . The effects will be that you’ll feel no longer anxious, you’ll feel more grounded, and more welcomed wherever you are.

Chakras contribute to health, well-being, you’re thinking itself, and your feelings. When these seven chakras are in balance and open, you are at your ideal self where the energy inside your body flows freely and effortlessly. Many people become confused or concerned when they are just learning about the chakras. However, by taking your time to learn the basics you will find that the chakras begin to make sense.

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