Do You Have A Blocked Throat Chakra?


Do you ever feel that you are unable to express yourself while speaking to others? If so, your throat chakra could be closed. This chakra directly affects your self-expression and ability to communicate with others. People with a blocked throat chakra tend to be quiet, shy, and unsure of themselves. If however, you tend to speak nonstop and dominate the conversation while not listening to others this chakra may be overactive. Obviously, the key is to have this chakra balanced so that you can freely speak to others and express yourself without fear or hesitancy.

Exercises to Open the Throat Chakra

By engaging in simple exercises and concentration you can help open your throat chakra. First of all, your fingers should be crossed inside of your hands with your fingers facing the floor, your thumbs should touch slightly at the top of each other while pushing them in an upward motion. Next, you want to concentrate on the chakra which is located near the bottom portion of your throat. Finally begin to chant the sound HAM. This exercise can be practiced several times a day or week in order to open your throat chakra.

The throat chakra is the fifth chakra in the energy wheel within you and also deals with your level of creativity. If you are able to be creative with your speech, in writing, and other artistic outlets this chakra is balanced and working correctly. However, when the chakra is blocked or out of balance you tend to hold back on your expressions of creativity and speech. If as a child you are musically or artistically motivated, but somehow lost these abilities, it’s probably due to this chakra being out of balance. As a result, physical ailments can follow when this chakra is out of balance, which include throat pain, pain in the back, y hyperthyroidism, and an array of inflammation throughout the body.

While many people do not understand the seven chakras, often they visit their doctors for medical ailments. Many people may not realize that their condition could be a result of a blocked chakra such as the root chakra. On the other hand, others who have unblocked this chakra, and balanced their other chakras, have found they don’t seek medical attention as often as they used to because their energy field is flowing and in balance.

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