Heart Chakra Healing – So Hum Mantra Meditation


heart chakra healingYou made need to perform a heart chakra healing if you notice that you are feeling jealous of others, if you are controlling or possessive in your relationships of if you are dealing with the constant fear of rejection. Many people experience these feelings from time to time while many others deals with these issues on a daily basis. You don’t have to, there is a very simple mantra meditation that you can do at home that will perform a heart chakra healing.

The So Hum heart chakra healing meditation is considered one of the most popular mantra meditation techniques. The steps are easy to follow and easy to perform. The literal translation of “So Hum” is “I am that” and when you make the effort to perform this technique sincerely it will bring you and the Divine Consciousness closer.

To perform this heart chakra healing meditation you will need to follow these steps.

1. Find an alarm that you can set to go off in about ten or twenty minutes.

2. Sit down either in a chair or on the floor crossed legged.

3. Check to make sure your posture is correct, your back should be straight, and your chin should be slightly titled up similar to a solider at attention.

4. You will now want to form your hand in the Gyan Mudra gesture. To do this correctly you should be touching your index fingers to your thumbs, have your palms facing upward and allow them to rest on your knees.

5. You will want to be as still as possible.

6. Next you will slowly inhale as you silently say the sound “soooooooooooo.” On the exhale you will silently say the sound “hummmmmmm.”

7. If you are set for ten minutes you will want to spend five minutes doing this, if you are set for twenty minutes then ten minutes should be spent in this fashion.

8. Next you are going to want to continue this rhythmic breathing and silent recitation as you focus your awareness as it expands and merges with the Universal Consciousness… feel the real meaning manifesting inside of you.

9. For the remainder of the meditation you will want to stay in total and complete mindfulness. Keep your mind clear of any other thoughts. Your mind should be focused on reciting the “So Hum” mantra until your alarm goes off.

10. Once you have concluded your meditation, take a few moments to enjoy the feeling of inclusive awareness that you now have, notice the feeling of all being contained within you.

It is important to keep in mind that life can sometimes get the best of everyone. The key to is to notice that there is an imbalance arising in you and take action to release the negativity so that your chakras are not blocked. The heart chakra energy is meant to be light and untied to the earth, it should be just like the air. The heart chakra should remain free from any neediness or emotional turmoil. When your heart chakra is strong you will feel a deep peace and it will permeate from you. Perform a heart chakra healing anytime you feel as though there is a blockage.

For even more powerful results I highly recommend using isochronic tones when healing your heart chakra. I download all of my isochronic tones from PowerOfChakra.com

This is by far the most effective method for heart chakra healing, and it benefits anyone in their chakra training regardless of their level of experience.

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