How To Open Chakras – A Simple And Effective Method



Do you have a moment? There’s something that I’d like to talk to you about…and it’s in regards to how to open chakras .

You see…there are many ways to open your chakras including yoga,color therapy,mantras, and mudras to name a few. However, the most direct path to opening your chakras is without a doubt through meditation. In fact, Yogis,Tibetan monks, and Reiki masters have been using meditation to stimulate their chakra energy for hundreds of years!

You see…the main purpose of meditating to open chakras is to bring your brain waves to a specific frequency in harmony with your chakra centers.  When your brain waves are in harmony with one of your chakras, that specific chakra becomes stimulated and you’ve effectively opened it.

Now if the idea of sitting in a “lotus pose” and meditating for hours on each of your chakras seems difficult…you don’t need to worry. Meditation doesn’t have to be complicated…and these days it can actually be quite easy!

In a moment I’ll tell you just how EASY it can be, but first let me tell you a short story about something I discovered…

It was a couple years ago that I realized certain beats or music directly affected my chakra energy. I found this strange…so I did a little research about it. It turns out this was no coincidence, these sounds were actually producing a frequency which resulted in my chakras being stimulated.

This fascinated me and I became obsessed with finding out what types of sounds I could play to start learning how to open my chakras on purpose. And that’s when I came across something called “binaural beats“.

Binaural beats are basically specific frequencies designed to bring you into a meditative state and alter your brain’s natural frequency to that which is in harmony with your chakras.

Thanks to this technology, meditation can be as simple as playing one of these binaural beats on your computer or mp3 player, closing your eyes, and enjoying the blissful feeling of having your chakras opened and balanced.

Now you can experience this amazing spiritual state without having to go through advanced meditation training. Everyone can open their chakras without a guru or any special training..and these binaural beats are easy to obtain.

The best part is they are very inexpensive…in fact for about the same price of a song on iTunes you can purchase a binaural beat and start opening your chakras in minutes!

If you’d like more information about how binaural beats work, or if you’d like to download them yourself you can visit

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