How To Open Third Eye


One of the body’s seven chakras. The third eye is considered to be the spiritual eye through which psychic impressions are received. Those gifted with an open third eye are attributed with a heightened perception and intuition. If you want to know how to open the third eye effectively, follow these ten simple steps:

Step One
Release all negative emotions such as fear, insecurity, and anxiety. These will serve as roadblocks that will hinder you from opening your third eye .

Step Two
Visualize all seven of your chakras. Feel the energy moving through them, and through you. Once the coursing of energy throughout your body has achieved a smooth flow, your third eye will be easier to open.

Step Three
Lower yourself into a meditative state. Make an effort so that your mind and body are relaxed. Clear your mind of all extraneous thoughts so that you might be able to receive impressions through your third eye more clearly.

Step Four
In your meditative state, continue to relax your breathing—taking the air in slowly through your nostrils, and expending your breath through your mouth. Continue doing so until you feel you are ready to move on to the next step.

Step Five
Close your eyes, and touch the spot just above them in your brow to find where your third eye is located. Make a gently upward motion with your finger, simulating the prying open of an eyelid.

Step Six
With your eyes still closed, try to “see” colors not through your physical eyes, but your third eye. Concentrate on seeing through the darkness, and as your third eye begins to open, colors will slowly become visible to you.

Step Seven
Now that you’ve seen colors, concentrate on seeing shapes. Concentrate on seeing through the darkness. Wait for the colors to come, then try to make out the shapes as well.

Step Eight
As your third eye begins to open more clearly, you will also start seeing images. Once an image manifests, imagine yourself moving towards it for a closer examination. Observe and take note of everything you see.

Step Nine
With your physical eyes still closed, invoke your spirit guide/s and ask that they make their messages known to you.

Step Ten
If you’ve managed to see colors, shapes, and images, and continue to concentrate on making them appear more clearly, you can then try remote viewing through your third eye.

Do not be discouraged if exercises like this that teach you how to open the third eye don’t take immediate effect. Just concentrate on the energies moving through you, and how it relates to the energies of the people and things around you. With constant practice, you will be seeing through your third eye in no time.

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6 Responses to “How To Open Third Eye”

  1. Bertha says:

    Please are you in London England? l would love my third eye to open in fact all the seven to be heal.

    many people would also love to have theirs open, so many bad things going on we can not see, but if we see it we can may be control it, it is a torment to me and others.Or do you know a school in London South East that teaches this kinds of yoga and meditation that leads to openining of all these, please email me their contact address or number.



  2. Ray says:

    Well,i was trying to open my third eyes through meditation.Couple of days before i felt headache after my meditation.After it as soon as i concentrate in my

    third eyes i can see indigo color with golden aura.One day i seen i am travelling in a very dark tunnel for a couple of second.The strange thing is as soon as i started to see the various colour and tunnel i feel heat all over my body specially very intense in my face and ear.How does all of things related with third eyes?

    I really wanted to experience third eye as i know it will give myself different understanding and dimension in my life.Anybody could help me out to develop my third eye concept.

  3. Candice says:

    hope this is real!!!…

  4. luzabeth says:

    I guess,I had opened my third eye.I practiced meditation for a couple of days.I’ve been seeing colors in many ways.Sometimes I tried to control the figures and shape using my third eye. I felt unusual feeling,and emotion around me. I can read people thoughts by just looking their eyes.I can see spirils through my peripheral visions.Sometimes I get nervous but this is what I want so I just embraced it.
    It was really a fascinating experienced to see unusual things around.

  5. donny says:

    i am confused what are the seven chakras and are the located in my body?

  6. jhon says:

    it is not so easy to open third eye,their is no shortcut way, one should practice a lot to achive this.