How To Unlock The Chakras Through Healing Meditation Techniques


Unlocking the chakras by means of healing meditation techniques requires a special combination of chakra clearing and meditation. Healing meditation in particular, focus on invoking the feminine in order to manifest the protective and healing properties of the creation force (Shakti).

Because the chakras are in themselves the energy sources of different body parts and systems, the physical manifestation of illnesses in those body parts or systems are in themselves indications that the chakras governing them are blocked or misaligned. In as much as regular meditation focuses on keeping the chakras aligned with each other, ensuring that their energies flow smoothly, this type of meditation likewise involves the use of different light or power sources innate to the respective chakras in order to facilitate the healing and unblocking not just of the affected chakras, but the entire body as well.

In attempting healing meditation, finding the position wherein you feel most focused and relaxed is the key. However, it is the Lotus position that comes most highly recommended in the sense that it draws and aligns the chakras more effectively and efficiently.

Once in the position of your choice, envision yourself drawing a warm light from your happiest memories. In so doing, you also draw positive energy that can be used to disperse the darkness or the negative energies causing the blockage in your system. With the image of that light fixed firmly in your mind’s eye, concentrate on coursing it through your body. Envision it passing through you, and emanating from you.

After you have envisioned the light dissolving the darkness causing the blockage, focus on the fact that in its place the light has remained, pulsating through your chakras. Now that you’ve successfully implemented these healing meditation techniques and have shown you how to unlock the chakras, give something back to the universe—use the light coursing through you and send it out into the world so that others may feel its healing powers and energies, too.

If this meditation technique is too difficult, there is an easier alternative for unlocking the chakras. In fact, I’ve been getting incredible results through the use of binaural beats. For more information about this, I highly recommend checking out

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