Navel Chakra


Navel Chakra

The Navel Chakra can be found between the navel and the bottom of the rib cage. The parts of the body affected are the navel, small intestine, pancreas, gall bladder, digestive system, kidney and the liver.

This Chakra is in charge of a person’s sense of self, where your self-esteem and will power come from. It is sometimes shown as meaning fire, and has aspects of powers that let a person “burn” out the pessimistic aspects of the past and achieve the power to rule and direct your life effectively.

It can also help a person learn to meditate and cleanse their spirit from negative thoughts that sometimes cause us to take actions that we later regret. This chakra is a fire element and so it is related to feelings of being thirsty or hungry, or being tired.

Navel Chakra in Balance

If your Navel Chakra is in sync, you will have a sense of personal value and will be confident in all you do. People will know you as an honorable and trustworthy person and will enjoy your company. You love your job, but you don’t work yourself to death.

Navel Chakra Out of Balance

But if your Navel Chakra is closed or out of balance, you are paranoid, fear others and can be easily hurt or controlled by someone else. You might also have an internal fear of being rejected by people. You may also have anger management issues, or you aren’t able to think in a rational fashion. You may also have no energy and don’t really care about anything.
In extreme cases it can even lead to diseases like diabetes, pancreatitis, arthritis, ulcers, and hypoglycemia or colon problems.

Unblocking your Navel Chakra

If you believe you have a blocked navel chakra there are many techniques available to open it. However, I don’t recommend anyone attempt to do this without proper training. If you lack access to a teacher who can guide you through this I’ve created an easy to follow program for opening the chakras.

In my course, I walk you through each of the 7 chakras…root to crown, and show you how to balance each one individually using simple but powerful techniques. This method I teach does not require any special training, and is perfect for beginners and even advanced practitioners.

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