Root Chakra


A Chakra is a traditional Indian medicine symbol said to be part of a person’s life force that controls various aspects of our nature and spiritual being. There are seven Chakras, each of which is a circular shaped whirling masses of energy that are located in seven parts of our bodies from the tailbone to the top of your head. If a Chakra is unbalanced or closed, there can be problems, depending on which one is blocked.

The Root Chakra is the first chakra, located at the base of your spine and near the groin area. This is the chakra that controls our animal nature, along with taste and smell. It’s also associated with the adrenals, kidneys, muscles, and arterial blood.
This chakra links a person with the physical world and is our base for our life energy. This is the one that gives us the motivation to eat, sleep and even to procreate. When it comes to our spiritual nature, it helps us develop our personal integrity. It also affects our self-esteem and sense of belonging and family.
It is also connected to the color red and reacts to the musical note C.

Signs the Root Chakra is blocked

If the Root Chakra is blocked, a person will feel restless and won’t have any energy. Plus, they usually are depressed and have no interest in the real world or their own survival. They also have wildly changing emotions, and may be obsessed with being selfish. They may also experience symptoms such as fearfulness, anxiety, insecurity, and frustration. They may also have weight gain, or the opposite malady of anorexia nervosa and they may have knee pain.
All of this can happen if you let your Root Chakra remain blocked.

Benefits of Unblocking Your Root Chakra

But if you make sure your root chakra is unblocked, you will experience good health, and feel more secure in all you do. It provides us with a base of operation to help us feel like we are on a level basis to operate in today’s world. It grounds our being and lets us connect to all of the Earth’s energies and you will be better able to operate during your normal daily activities.
If you are experiencing some of the difficulties listed above, then you may have a blocked Root Chakra. It’s vital that you cleanse your spirit and get it unblocked so you can experience the peace of mind you deserve.

Unblocking your Root Chakra

If you believe you have a blocked root chakra there are many techniques available to open it. However, I don’t recommend anyone attempt to do this without proper training. If you lack access to a teacher who can guide you through this I’ve created an easy to follow program for opening the chakras.

In my course, I walk you through each of the 7 chakras…root to crown, and show you how to balance each one individually using simple but powerful techniques. This method I teach does not require any special training, and is perfect for beginners and even advanced practitioners.

Are you ready to take the first step on this new spiritual journey? If so,

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