Special Training For Learning How To Open Chakras


Are you looking for advanced training on how to open chakras? If so, I just came across a promising new opportunity.

Reiki Master Judith Conroy has developed an online training program called Chikara Reiki Do. In this special training you will be guided by the hand in learning how to open your 7 chakras and become a certified Reiki Master.

According to Judith, you do not need to attend the classes of an existing Reiki master in order to become attuned to your chakras. She believes that she can show you how to “awaken” you to your own abilities and harness the power and spiritual energy that is laying dormant inside.

Her online course includes unlimited access to her online video webcast to guide you through the self-attunement ceremony. In addition, she also provides you with her best-selling 173 page ebook “Radical Reiki”.

Judith and her husband Chris Conroy have been involved with spiritual growth and chakra energy training for over 40 years and have been Reiki masters for 12 years.

Does any of this apply to you?

  • You’ve spent hours searching the internet for information on how to open chakras only to find general and non specific information on exactly how to do it?
  • You would benefit from a step-by-step program that will teach you EXACTLY how to develop and  harness your chakra energy.
  • The idea of becoming a Reiki master interests you, but you lack the money and/or time to commit to attending such classes?
  • You want to experience the physical,spiritual, and emotional benefits that having your chakras balanced and in harmony has to offer.

If so, you are not alone…

Thousands of people all over the world desire to learn how to open their chakras. Unfortunately, proper information on this ancient spiritual practice is hard to come by.  This is why I am pleased to inform you that this special training is now finally becoming open to everyone who desires to learn.

Here is a few examples of what is covered in this chakra training course:

  • How to become self-attuned to your own chakra energy in the privacy of your own home without the assistance of a Reiki master.
  • Step-by-step guidance and training to becoming fully attuned as a Reiki Master
  • How to teach others how to become Reiki masters as well if you so desire.
  • Information containing everything you must know in order to succeed in your own Reiki practice.
  • Full certification provided for those interested in becoming healers or pursuing Reiki professionally.

Be sure to check out Chikara Reiki Do and let me know what you think of it.  I’m excited to hear about your experiences and growth with your chakra training!

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    I am really interested in learning more about this course. Thanks

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