Third Eye Chakra


third eye chakraThe 6th Chakra is called the Third Eye Chakra or sometimes the “brow Chakra” and is located in the center of the forehead. It’s connected to a person’s ability to think clearly, as well as their sense of imagination, intuition, wisdom, awareness to the world and insight that we all have to some degree. It helps us make decisions, and our ability to tell reality from fantasy. It is also said that a person with an exceptionally strong 6th Chakra may have physic abilities such as clairvoyance and telepathy.
It is said to control the body parts of a person’s carotid artery, forehead, brain, neurological system, eyes, ears, nose, pituitary, pineal glands, and temples.

Signs of Unbalanced Third Eye Chakra

If your Third Eye Chakra is unbalanced, you may experience things such as severe headaches, eye problems, inability to concentrate, blindness, brain problems, or stroke. In severe emotional cases you may experience nightmares, panic, a sense of confusion or you may feel like you aren’t all the way there or be preoccupied. Some people will be cynical or egotistical and will try to manipulate others with no regard to their feelings.

Signs of a Balanced Third Eye Chakra

If your Third Eye Chakra is well balanced, you will be able to clearly see your own path in the universe. You may even have the ability of second sight and be able to see into your own aura and energy patterns or even to see the future. It’s through this that some people can see things like ghosts or other beings most other people can’t see. The third eye abilities are not held back by things like time or space. In simpler third eye use, a person may be able to fantasize clearly about the things they may plan in the future or remember very clearly things that happened in their own past. A person with a balanced third eye is usually a very creative person with high imagination and abilities. You will be open to new ideas and can learn from your experiences better and will be able to tell truth from lies.

Unblocking your Third Eye Chakra

If you believe you have a blocked third eye chakra there are many techniques available to open it. However, I don’t recommend anyone attempt to do this without proper training. If you lack access to a teacher who can guide you through this I’ve created an easy to follow program for opening the third eye.

In my course, I walk you through what was taught to me as “the direct path” for opening the third eye. This method differs from other techniques because it focuses on stimulating your third eye chakra directly.

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    I am very interested to learn the technique on how to open my third eye. I hope you can effectively help me.
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    I am very interested to learn the technique on how to open my third eye. I hope you can effectively help me.
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    I have been making meditation and trying to open my third eye for some years.
    I began to feel something like I am being out of my body, or seeing some light, or strange figures during my meditation and being asleep.
    But I could not go furthermore. I could not find a good teacher around me in Mongolia. I do my practice always reading a book. I have found out that your book Third Eye Mastery can help me. But I am in a situation that I can not pay for that book by credit card at the moment. Please, help me, sending this book to my mail. I swear you I will pay.


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    I am very interested to learn the technique on how to open my third eye. I hope you can effectively help me.

  9. Hi, I just meditated and now I see these weird colors around people and animal’s bodies. I think these are auras….So cool!

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